The web dashboard can be used to visually design crowd-sensing campaign projects in an interactive way without writing a single line of code. A designed crowd-sensing project consists of

A crowd-sensing asset designs the data collection process as follows:

(i) A number of points of interest are determined in an interactive map. Each point of interest hosts a number of questions that citizens can answer on their smart phone if and only if they are localized nearby the point of interest. An ellipse with configurable size is determined around each moving citizen. .


Localization is performed when a point of interest falls in the ellipse, triggering an event that prompts citizens to answer questions on their smart phone based on what they witness in the public urban space they are located that moment

(ii) A task stores and manages the collected citizens’ data as defined by an asset

(iii) An assignment links together an asset and a task and launches the crowd-sensing process by selecting candidate citizens for participation.

A Decision making process can be designed in three navigation modalities


The points of interests can be arbitrary visited by citizens. Questions are always triggered whenever citizens visit a new point of interest.


A sequence is determined for visiting the points of interests. Only the questions of the next point of interest can be triggered, imposing in this way an order.


The next point of interest is determined by the answer of the citizen in the current point of interest. The latter modality can serve more complex decision-making processes as well as gamification scenarios.

The dashboard can be used by the following user groups:

Citizens that orchestrate collective decision-making processes for their communities.

Policy-makers that engage citizens more actively in decision-making and collect evidence from citizens for more legitimate policies.

Scientists that collect data for research and engage in citizen science practices.

Teachers and tutors that engage students in learning activities in public space.