Smart Agora

Participatory spatio-temporal sensing of urban environments. Designed for citizens, policy-makers and scientists.

Collective intelligence using augmented reality, localization and gamification elements.

A digital revive of the Ancient Agora of Athens. Deliberate and testify about public matters

Higher quality data and decision-making by proving witness presence


Graphically Design a crowd-sensing campaign
without a single line of code

Mobile App

Navigate and explore urban points of interest
with your smart phone.

How it Works?

Determine coordinates with augmented data collection tasks and distribute tasks to citizens.


Navigate with your smart phone over points of interest with augmented information.


Share navigation data and contribute to science projects and policy-making.

Application Example

2. Crowd-sourced data about risk factors are collected from point of interests: light/road condition, traffic, speed, etc.

1. Public authorities require evidence for policies promoting cycling safety and minimizing accident risks.


3. Data form a risk map for visualizing accident risk as well as recommending safer bike routes.

More Applications

Public Transport


Urban Stress